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Moodle Blog 5: Advanced Moodle: Unseen but not Hidden – Sites within Sites

site within a siteMoodle, for all its justified advantages, isn’t the smartest looking VLE around: all too often you get  a course page, crammed with useful stuff, interactivity, lesson resources, hyperlinks – but to get to the section you want you are obliged to scroll  half a mile past a monotonous compilation of a teachers’ well-intentioned uploads. There are several ways around this – and in an age when appearance is all – students will be more inclined to use a course page that attracts their eye rather than reminds them of  mum’s shopping list. The simplest way is to ‘hide’ the topics/weeks not needed at present. Students will then only focus on the what you need  them to see at the current time – although if you want them to be able to access their grades from an earlier term, they are then prevented from doing so.  Another way is to make them ‘unseen’ rather than hidden. Resources, grades and so on are still fully accessible, but you have to hyperlink to them , rather than have them visible on the page. This can be done within the Course Settings.  Choose your number of topics/weeks and set up your course- say 6 sections. Then make your last (6th) week or topic the one in which you have the stuff you’d like to make invisible. Go back to Course Settings and set your number of topics/weeks to 5. That final section is still available; it just isn’t seen. This can be used to good effect in  a Moodle ‘webpage’ if you want to hyperlink to places elsewhere on your course but want to keep the page tidy and not have to show them. I’ve also used it to make a course look like a ‘real’ website. You make the framework of your course offline, in a webdesign program. You make your Course Settings to one topic only and in that section put all the resources you need for the course, which you then hyperlink to pages in your ‘website’. In the Course Summary you can upload an image which students can then click on to reach the  website you’ve made – and then to access all the activities from within the site. It looks much neater on a page – doesn’t suit everyone though, because some people actually prefer to see everything on one page; it reassures them more to scroll down mum’s shopping list than to head off into unknown webpages. But – it is something that can be achieved by being Unseen, rather than Hidden,  and  it’s worth a thought.

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