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Friday, 04. January 2008 von admin

They’ve been around a while but they’re not stale – the Hot Potatoes suite from Half Baked Software hotpotatoesTheir big advantage – apart from enabling non-technical teachers to create a myriad of quizzes, multi-choice, crosswords, gap-fills and jumbled passages  for free – is that they are self marking and when uploaded to a VLE such as Moodle they are SCORM compliant; students’ grades will be recorded in the markbook, saving hours of teacher time. ‘Straight out of the box’ they appear quite plain but it is not too difficult to include images in the exercises once you realise the best way to do so is to upload the photos in advance and link to them.  The Hot Potatoes suite is particuarly popular with language teachers because of the ease with which audio and video files can be included in activities :Jose Picardo’s  Spanish site Asi Se Hace includes many questions based around youtube videos, while Heidi Behren’s German site  Klar  uses mp3  voice recordings for  GCSE listening revision. Martin Holmes of Half Baked Software has also made Textoys -free for limited use, unlimited use for a small price, a set of two programs specifically designed for language teachers to create interactive exercises.While the  Hot Potatoes program itself is free to non-profit making establishments, there is an item rather dauntingly known as The Masher which will link together a set of exercises so students can go from one to the next in  a sequence chosen by the teacher.  Here’s a pack on a recent cylone in Bangladesh. It costs nothing to link three exercises; any more and The Masher must be paid for. However, for anyone that way inclined, the latest version of HotPotatoes makes it  relatively straightforward to edit and link pages in a web editor such as Dreamweaver.   Our Lady’s Preston offers Hot Potatoes training for teachers from an Accredited HotPotatoes trainer click here for more info.


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