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Moodle Blog 10: Basic Moodle – Assignments for Beginners

where to find assignmentsIf Level 1 moodling is being able to upload worksheets and level 2 moodling is being able to type said sheet directly onto a webpage within moodle, then level 3 must be the ability to create an assignment – put simply, an online worksheet linked to the gradebook. Assignments can be located in the ‘add an activity’ section and there are four types – although one of them, the ‘offline assignment’ is something of a cheat because there is no task attached; it just offers an area to add marks for something done outside of Moodle. Of the others, the one most frequently used at Our Lady’s is the ‘upload a single file’.assignment example Pupils are presented with a page of instructions – this can be in the form of a webquest with hyperlinks to sites specially chosen by their teacher, or it can simply contain copies of tasks done in class. The student works his/her way through the activities and then produces a piece of work which they then upload via the box at the bottom of the screen. An excellent way of ensuring everyone has completed the work in time for the bell is to bring up the gradebook in the last five minutes of the lesson and watch the work arrive – students will ask you to refresh the page to prove they’ve sent theirs and are allowed to go! The third type of assignment is an online text. online textThis presents the student with a text box into which they type their work directly, rather than leaving Moodle to go to Word/PowerPoint and then returning later. This is quicker for a teacher to mark as it requires just one click to open up and view the text, rather than having to deal with uploaded documents – open? save?- time-consuming choice when there are 32 in a class! The fourth type of assignment, advanced uploading of files, allows for students to send in more than one piece of work – useful if they are doing GCSE coursework for instance, or any project requiring a number of items. Hint: learn how to use ‘groups’ ; it will make the marking far easier when you can filter the students to be left with your own class. How to mark in Moodle? That’s for another time…

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  1. Hi,

    It’s great to look at your blog. Iam very happy to find such an useful information. My doubt is that I want to upload one question paper which my students have to answer them. The questions are plenty and I cannot upload then manually. For that I want to type them in a text document and upload all the questions at a time. Can I do that ? Kindly help me. My questions will be mostly fill in the blanks type and multiple choice questions. Kindly send me the format with one text file have sample format questions. Thank u very much. Iam giving my mail address below………….

    Comment: Varma – 23. January 2009 @ 10:37 am

  2. Hi there.You could make a Moodle quiz with your fill in the blanks or multiple choice, but if you really want to upload all your questions as a text document so they can type in their answers in a text document (such as Word or Open Office Write) then you could upload your document with the questions in, and then when you set up your assignmnent you could make a hyperlink to the document which will be in your course files. Students could then download it and fill it in and upload it to you in the browse box of the assignment (upload a single file type).

    Comment: admin – 23. January 2009 @ 7:14 pm

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