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Moodle Blog 11: Marking in Moodle – Basic Gradebook

marking in moodleOk so you’ve taken the plunge – you’ve set up an assignment – the students have uploaded their work – now how do you mark it?

In an ideal Moodle world, all your sets will have been uploaded for you and enrolled on your course and you will just have to click on ‘view …submitted assignments‘ and a list of the students in your class will appear, alphabetically, waiting for you to mark their efforts.

Unfortunately in the real world, if there hasn’t been a school-wide policy, students will have enrolled themselves into your course – maybe coming from different classes – and they will all be lumped together on your gradebook page. Never mind – we can still mark their work, but next blog will show how better to organise your groups in order to filter through just the students you need.

Also in our Perfect Moodle world, the grade you would like to use for your assignment, be it a letter A-G, a level 4-7 or a comment – well done- unsatisfactory  etc – will have been set for you in advance. If not, Moodle will have decided for you that your work will be marked out of a hundred. If this isn’t what you would like, then the next blog will explain setting your own grades. Stay tuned!

So..we click on the assigment and click on View Submitted Assignments. This brings us to the gradebook page. Normally, you will have six columns – from left to right: the student’s name, space for your grade, your comment, the location and date of their work, a space to show the date you marked it, and a status column. This is what you click on to type in your appraisal of the student’s upload. If you tick the box at the bottom of the gradebook page ‘allow quick grading’ and save your preferences, you then have the option if you want of moving quickly down the list, choosing a grade and typing in a short comment.

 Here is a quick screencast of the very basics of Moodle Marking. click for movieIt’s done in Wink – ok, not as swish as Captivate – but it’s free! Click the image to have a look.

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  1. Very helpful, thank you.

    Comment: Tracy Sorensen – 05. February 2009 @ 6:54 am

  2. Very straight forward help information. Thank You.

    Comment: Zoe Nanson – 09. June 2009 @ 7:02 pm

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