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Moodle Blog 12: Scales and the Moodle Gradebook

wink movieThis follows on from a brief and basic look at the Gradebook and how to mark in Moodle. The default grading system is a mark out of 100, but it is possible to set your own grade – or scale – that can be used, not just for assignments but also for evaluating student’s  performance in a forum or glossary. If you’re an administrator of Moodle or have editing rights, you can access the Scales area in the admin block of your particular course. You  might find that there’s one already there ‘separate and connected  ways of knowing’ but (in Moodle 1.8) you just need to click on Add Scale to start creating your own. Click the image  for  a Wink screencast explaining Moodle Scales in the Gradebook. that explains and shows how to add a new scale. Suggestions? Letter grades from A -E; National Curriculum Levels ( no, not sub-levels, please – though Moodle will allow this if you really really want to) or even friendly phrases: Very good! Satisfactory; room for improvement , etc. Another useful thing to be aware of is that once saved, it becomes a ‘custom scale’ ie – just for that course – but (in Moodle 1.8) if you move the arrow down in the Action area, you can make it a ‘standard’ scale – that is, a scale available over the whole Moodle site.  The next time you set up an assignment, that new scale will be available as an option for you to use – but beware: once used, you cannot then go back and edit it. Happy Scaling!

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