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youtube into moodleYoutube is banned in our school as in many educational establishments yet it has a great number of resources useful in teaching. One workaround is to search (or post your video) on Teachertube which, I am told is available in schools. Another solution is to download the youtube video at home and take it into school. One step on from this is to upload it to Moodle where it is available for students in lessons and at home. This post – and the accompanying screencast – show you how to do this. A few points first however:

  1. Be sure of your copyright issues! Youtube contains thousands of videos breaking copyright – just because you put it on Moodle doesn’t make that any better. Make sure your chosen video is OK to use.
  2. Have your Moodle admin go to Site Admin>modules>filters>multimedia plugins and ‘enable’ them. (We are needingmultimedia plugins the flv filter) This way you can embed your video straight into Moodle in a player like  on Youtube. You don’t need to do this – in some instances it can actually be a disadvantage – but if you don’t, then  you will need to convert the downloaded video to a suitable format (like wmv) that you can hyperlink to (link to a file or website) in the traditional way.
  3. The file type in the method shown below or in this screencast is a flv file. This has the added advantage of being easily embedded into a Smartboard notebook file too if you want to play it offline. (And maybe for Promethean as well but I don’t use them!)

Step one: There are several ways to download your video – using zamzar or youconvertit are popular. The way with fewest stages is to download the latest version of RealPlayer. This has a facility whereby every time you click on a youtube video it brings up a box asking you if you want to ‘download this video’.

Step two: Go to youtube, find your video, click on the  download box and save it to your pc/laptop.

Step three: Go to your course in Moodle. Go to ‘add a resource’ and choose a webpage (if you want the video opening up in a new page) or a label (if you want it straight on the course page, though I would not advise this)

Step  four: Tap the space bar a few times and select the blank space. Yes, really! Go to the ‘hyperlink’ icon and click on it. It will take you to the box asking you to find your file or website. Browse  for and locate in the usual way your youtube video from your hard drive. Upload to Moodle and ‘select’ in the usual way.

Step five: Save your webpage. That blank space you selected will now appear as a neat little player with your video! NB If you are going to do several of these it is preferable to do them in an individual ‘webpage’ and make it open in a new window rather than having half a dozen movies all on your course page, increasing your loading time and with the potential all to play simultaneously. Click here to watch these instructions as a wmv screencast.

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  1. I absolutely agree that the best way to input youtube videos into Moodle is by downloading them as files from Youtube and then converting them into a file format that you’re comfortable with. There are many new, free online apps you can use for this job. My disclaimer is that I don’t have any association with any companies or technologies that provide this function, so with that, here’s my short list: 1) VidDownloader (one of the more popular apps); 2) KeepVid (KeepVid will offer you both the lower-resolution FLV and the higher-resolution MP4)Better YouTube (Firefox extension). Always opt to download the HQ resolutions if given the choice as this is a major sticking point with many students who are unable to make ‘heads-or-tails’ from poorly-rendered video. Hope this helps!

    Comment: moodle-experts – 19. December 2008 @ 7:56 am

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