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Moodle for Teaching 7 -14 Year Olds

Friday, 20. March 2009 von admin

Moodle for Teaching 7 -14 year oldsMoodleFairy wrote a book – for “real” teachers using Moodle with younger pupils. The book draws from my experience training teachers every week. I found I was saying similar  things time and again, both in explaining the mechanics of Moodle, and in suggesting ways teachers might use it with their classes so I crystallised my words into Moodle for Teaching 7 -14 Year Olds. I  regularly get people – and it’s usually women! – who  apologise in advance: I’ll be really slow I’m afraid; I’m no good on computers… Yet with some gentle coaxing and some practical ideas, they get the idea just fine and leave feeling very enthused about the whole Moodle experience.  I’d like to think it will  be of use to those teachers in junior and secondary schools who have to work with Moodle – hopefully even want to work with Moodle – but feel they have no technical expertise and are anxious the learning curve might be too steep. Don’t worry; it isn’t!  If you can surf the net and maybe attach a photo to an email you can use Moodle. Try it! More details plus  information about what’s in each chapter can  be found on the Moodle book page of Packtpublishing.


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