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Adding an activity module to Moodle

Here’s how to add an extra (non-standard) activity module to Moodle. I finally downloaded Quizport today -the successor to the HotPot module developed by Gordon Bateson. I am looking forward to having a play/practice with it well in advance of its inclusion in Moodle 2.0. As I got it and installed it onto one of my moodles I did a screencast with some basic instructions that should fit any activity module. (In fact, they should also work for blocks as well if you upload into the blocks folder instead of the mod folder) Watch the screencast below or read the step by step.

1: Go to and click on the tab downloads>modules and plugins

2: Search for the activity module you want (use the search box at the bottom) and download the correct version as a zipped folder to your computer

3: Unzip it

4: Open up your ftp client (a program you can get free or cheaply -such as smartftp/cuteftp

5: Connect to your Moodle and locate your moodle folder (what it’s called depends on your set up)

6: Find the folder/directory called mod and go inside it. You will see other activity modules such a choice/forum/assignment

7: Drag over the unzipped folder from your computer into the mod folder

8: Go to your moodle site and log in as admin

9: Click on Notifications. This will bring up a whole load of tables that should (!) give you a success message.

10: To be sure, click on modules>activities>manage activities and make sure your new module has its eye open

11: Go to the course you want to use it in – turn on the editing – click on Add an activity – and it will be there!

As for myself, I will post back when I’ve got more experience of Quizport 🙂

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