“On Target” for Moodle 2.0!

Ok -this is just a bit of fun as I have spent the last two days getting my head around the Workshop in Moodle 2.0 (see blog post here). Andrew Field of Content Generator has just released a beta version of his latest Flash game – On Target. As a teacher of (increasingly)young children I always enjoy his games because they are easy to create and many of them work in Moodle as SCORM objects which means when students play them, their scores are recorded in the gradebook – so you can justify your fun! This latest game is no exception and I thought I would highlight it by posing a few questions to test your knowledge of what’s new in Moodle 2.0. How many can you get right – and – more important – how good is your aim?


2 thoughts on ““On Target” for Moodle 2.0!

  1. Andrew Field

    Thanks for posting this Mary – great to see you using the new software so rapidly. Great game too!

    I got 90%, 26 evil ducks and 4 who suffered collateral damage.

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