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A quick way to upload lots of files to Moodle

When teachers first start learning how to use Moodle they aren’t aware that you don’t have to upload each precious Word document or Powerpoint one at a time – it is perfectly fine to put them in a folder, compress/zip the folder and upload that to Moodle. After that you can either show the folder (display a directory) or link to each of its contents individually.

However, developer Guy Thomas has come up with another way, a simpler way, to upload multiple files all at once. It is a contributed module -ie, you have to download and install to your Moodle -and is called the Enhanced File Resource Module. It is very new, so expect some changes and bugs to be fixed but it can be downloaded from Moodle here. Its big advantage over zipping is in ease of use – teachers just click “browse”; select several files from their computer and the module will automatically upload them as separate resources on the Moodle page.

Do I like it? Yes – enough to make a short screen cast below. Does it worry me? A little – while it’s great for encouraging teachers to upload their resources in a quick and non-techie way- it does  list them on the course page in a long line which might just bring about the dreaded “scroll of death”. The message is the same as with wine and chocolate – use in moderation and do not over-indulge!

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  1. Actually I would discourage bulk upload. Moodle is not designed as a repository and just dumping resources online does not make for better learning. Teachers should be getting content into web pages rather than this.

    However, if teachers do feel the need to do this it is far easier using someting like boxnet and embedding the folder in a webpage as an iframe. Looks miles better and is much quicker to upload. No scroll of death either.

    Comment: Darren – 18. February 2010 @ 9:36 pm

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