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Moodlefairy’s Moodle Moot UK 2010

I have now experienced my second Moodle Moot – both in the UK,  but I’m working on that! Different venues,  slightly different approach but both highly enjoyable.  Last time I went alone and on the first night got miserably Lost in Loughborough; this time I was on familiar ground (albeit from 30 years ago ) as I studied at UCL and  in my first year lived  ten minutes from the Moot Location, Senate House  and had the company of  Assistant Head Mark Greenwood the man who set up and put Our Lady’s Moodle on the map (see pdf here). Here’s a brief summary of my impressions:

What I enjoyed:

  • the keynote on Tuesday morning by Hole-in-Wall Professor Sugata Mitra; entertaining and inspiring. I was astonished to discover at the end they were presenting him with a copy of my book as a thankyou; honour indeed.
  • participating in a Moodle in Schools session along with Paul Garratt from Stockport and Kristian Still (we really must sit down together for longer next time!) I presented on Moodling with the Primaries, sharing my findings on using Moodle with younger children.
  • talking Moodle books with Synergy’s Alex Büchner
  • meeting for the first time people such as Mark Drechsler from Adelaide (fortunately on Day 1!) Quizmeister and all round nice guy Tim Hunt,Marcus Green, Dan Humpherson Kathy Chilvers and getting my long awaited embrace from the legendary (well, to me anyway!) Dai Barnes
  • renewing acquaintance with Moodlers from last year such as Antonella, Jago and John
  • having the chance in the workshops to learn  about Moodle in FE and HE, where I rarely venture and discover how other trainers train teachers to use Moodle
  • the  prime location (central London!) and efficiently organised coffee breaks and lunches. (Presumably nobody noticed or minded I sneaked in my  student daughter and her friend at lunchtime on Day 2  and donated them my sandwiches? They were revising upstairs in the library and couldn’t believe the amount of interest and number of people fascinated by Moodle,  albeit an integral part of their daily life at LSE and Goldsmith’s respectively)
  • the live link up to the NZ Moot for the Keynote on Wednesday where Martin gave his Moodle 2.0 talk and said – in front of witnesses! – Moodle 2.0 beta will be out at the end of April.

What I was less sure about:

  • the additonal presentations in the main hall over and above the 2 Keynotes first thing – they were interesting and valuable but I think I personally would have preferred more time for workshops
  • the shared sessions – 15/20 minutes each. While this enabled more people to present, which was a definite advantage, it allowed for less depth and detail I think, and created anxieties over keeping to time.( Or maybe I just wanted to talk on for an hour about my passion – I don’t know 🙂 )

What I would like:

  • next year’s UK Moodle Moot to hurry up and be here!
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