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Moodlefairy at Mahara UK 2010

Mahara confThis time last week I was in London, awaiting the start of the 2010 UK Mahara conference, held this year at Westminster Kingsway College and run by ULCC. (You can see here photos on Flickr from Mohamed)  I’d previously enjoyed the UK Moodle Moot, where I  had presented, and with which I was familiar already, but this was my first time at a Mahara conference – and indeed, it was only the second year there had been a Mahara conference in the UK.  I had a lovely time!!  The venue was excellent – very modern, everything in a central location – no searching for cloakrooms, toilets or seating and with fewer people than at the Moodle Moot, the atmosphere was a lot more intimate. What struck me, as a high school teacher however, was that when the Grand master of Ceremonies Philip Butler did his usual “Stand up if you are in the …. sector” routine, only three of us stood up from schools: as yet, Mahara is still very much an HE and an FE application; if there are schools using it in a brilliant and innovative way then they are keeping it very quiet (for now…) That worried me at first because I wondered if I would be able to take anything away from the day – I had come looking for inspiration to help move forward at my school where we love Moodle and want to develop its links with Mahara. I didn’t need to worry. After the keynote speech and some very nice banana cake we went into discussion groups, giving everyone a chance to share concerns and successes. Mine was facilitated by Kaye Bachelard whose view is here I was impressed by the Foyer project where Mahara is used with young offenders and very much enjoyed the presentation by Glenys and Richard from TDM, focusing particularly on Mahara with NVQ students.  Niraj of Newham College showed us  how they were using their Mahara site and it was at this point, towards the end of the afternoon, that I got the inspiration I’d come looking for: all the great examples were of older students; mine are younger – so rather than thinking (with apologies to JFK) what can Mahara do for me? – I should be thinking – what can I do for Mahara? Go back to school, get some children – and their teachers -involved, seek out alternative ways for using it in KS3/4 – and- come back again next year and share! By the time I left for the train I was buzzing with ideas. We’ve broken up for summer now – but -roll on September 🙂

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