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DragMath in Moodle 2.0

This evening ,Marc Grober kindly sent me a review he had done  of my book here What surprised me was that he said I made no mention of Dragmath. Marc is the maintainer for the Moodle Dragmath integration. I realised a late edit I had made to chapter 3 looking at the new TinyMCE editor hadn’t been included in the final print of the book (Marc was reading the pdf version; I haven’t yet received my paper copy) How it slipped through I don’t know – I do know I was sending edits in much to Packt’s frustration right up till two weeks ago… Here below  then is reproduced what should have gone in the book – not enough to make Marc happy but enough to cover the fact that Dragmath is now core

What about equations?

While it doesn’t appear automatically in the new editor, if the Moodle admin enables Tex Notation in Site Administration>Plugins>Filters>Manage filters then a new icon appears for writing equations:

Clicking on this icon brings up the DragMath equation editor as in the following screenshot:

Formerly an add-on, this will be a really useful core feature for any Moodlers using Math in Moodle 2.0

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