Yet Another “Avoiding the Scroll of Death” Idea

“Avoiding the scroll of death” , ie, trying to find ways not to have a long list of sections in a Moodle course, is becoming increasingly popular. There are different course format types (such as collapsed topics) and a couple of years ago I posted one suggestion using topic sections that were “unseen but not hidden” – see here. This workaround involves playing on the (rather UNpopular) boxes to the right of each section where you can show only one topic or show all the topics. UNpopular because on first encounter they often confuse Newbie Moodlers who click to show only one topic and then find they cannot figure out how to get all the rest back. The method shown here uses text links a bit like webpage navigation but you could just as easily use image links.

6 thoughts on “Yet Another “Avoiding the Scroll of Death” Idea

  1. admin Post author

    Here’s a copy of a message sent me by Daniele Cordella on

    Ciao Mary
    I follwed your presentation.
    Thanks for it.
    I would like to provide my drop of contribution to improve it.
    Instead of pasting ALL the URL in the html block links, paste only
    view.php?id=1146&topic=xx (where xx is 1, 2, 3 and so on)
    In this way, is still works BUT your solution is portable too.
    If you now backup of your course and restore if somewhere else your block will
    still continue to work.

  2. Steve in L.A.

    Thanks for another great video. I always learn a lot from you! Love your Moodle book from PacktPub.

    You got me sifting through where I came across the YUI Menu Block (contributed block module) and am trying it out in my Moodle courses now.

    So far so good. It seems like a slick solution.

  3. Martin Delaney

    Thanks so much for your great video and explanation. I knew how to make the quick menu but not the bit about changing the topic number in the URL. You have saved my colleagues and myself lots of time.

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