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Making a Moodle Advent Calendar

I’m making an Advent calendar for our school Moodle. It will have to be organised next weekend ready for the 1st of December. There will be 25 “doors”, which will open onto videos of pupils, teachers, admin staff, kitchen staff, site staff and other members of our school community reading short passages to prepare for Christmas. And on the 25th there will be a surprise through the double doors! I am wondering if there is a better way to do this than the way I am planning – so I thought I would ask online.

The idea came last year from a school in Milton Keynes, Stantonbury Campus, whose Moodle, looked after at the time by @stuartridout, had a fantastic Flash version, with doors opening automatically on timers. My Flash skills do not extend that far and I don’t really want to start practising now, with just week to go, so I want a standard, inside Moodle solution. Previously I have made a guest access course with just one topic, which I have hidden, and then made a table inside section 0 with images that hyperlink to webpages in topic 2. I have then embedded the videos into those webpages.
take a tourWe have a simple tour of our school done in this way here – although this time, I will use FLV for the videos as these are far more accessible than  Microsoft’s WMV. It works OK, but you have to click once to “open the door” and again to start the video. I know I will have manually to hyperlink the appropriate video each day; not a problem; but if anyone has an alternative approach, it would be nice to hear about it. Everything has to be within Moodle, however – so no linking to youtube , no using external Web 2.0 apps, and no uploading alternative flash players as we don’t host our school Moodle ourselves. I could use a Book, I suppose; embed all the videos there and hide each page until the actual day – but is is nice to have the “door” feature – even if it does open to reveal our Headmaster instead of Chocolate 🙂

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  1. shame you can’t ‘hide description until available date’ on an ‘offline activity’ assignment. You can on advanced uploading of files assignments but I doubt you’d want to use that? Having said that, guests won’t see the upload file bit since they’re not enrolled. Also you’d probably want to go into language editing and change the unavailable message: ‘Sorry, this assignment is not yet available.
    Assignment instructions will be displayed here on the date given below.’

    Comment: Ciaran – 24. November 2010 @ 9:27 am

  2. Yes – I need it to be publicly viewable – our Moodle is our website; hence I’m looking for a guest access possiblity. I got sent some great Flash instructions for an Advent Calendar from Andrew Field @contentgen The instructions are here question is – will I have time to read and apply them or am I going to stick to original plans?

    Comment: admin – 24. November 2010 @ 5:30 pm

  3. How about a wiki, with a table on the first page? That would keep it all within one activity, and might make it easier than having to create multiple resources…

    Nice idea by the way 🙂

    Comment: Mark Drechsler – 27. November 2010 @ 1:28 am

  4. Ooh- I’ll have a think about that – it’s got to be done this weekend (obviously!)

    Comment: admin – 27. November 2010 @ 10:24 am

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