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How teachers can upload files in Moodle 2.0

Here is a video showing the very basics of uploading files to a Moodle 2.0 course from the viewpoint of a regular teacher. While it barely touches the surface,  at 11 minutes it’s nonetheless quite long, but it aims to cover five areas and a little bit more besides:

  • how to upload a single file
  • how to upload and display whole folders
  • how teachers can share resources between themselves in a course
  • how teachers can re-use and share resources across courses
  • how those teachers used to the old 1.9 course files can find workarounds.

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  1. Hi Mary,

    Many thanks for this post.

    Ummm…. as I mentioned in a tweet yesterday I’m currently pondering how to describe repositories and uploading files in the Moodle Course Conversion: Beginner’s Guide rewrite.

    In fact I would much prefer the method you caution against 😉 and use the My private files area – at least initially – because that’s how our colleagues are used to working.

    I’ve just been testing what happens when you include a file from your private files area and it certainly backs up without any problems and, once it is included in a course, the file made available via the “server” repository for other teachers to access. It’s the teacher who initially uploaded the file to Moodle who retains ownership.

    I’m also mentioning in the rewrite that teachers should also pester their Moodle admins to make their staff shared drive on the school network available as a repository then the problem of our colleagues having to understand the concept of “repositories” goes away 🙂

    Thanks again and Merry Christmas,


    Comment: Ian Wild – 30. December 2010 @ 3:20 pm

  2. Hi Ian and good luck with the rewrite! Actually I am not cautioning against private files but against legacy course files– and I just realised the video didn’t make that clear 🙁 I believe Martin himself suggests private files as a good way round the lack of course files.

    Comment: admin – 30. December 2010 @ 3:58 pm

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