Hotpot Mini Moot: Enjoy Hot Potatoes in Paris!

I’ve mentioned Hot Potatoes in connection to Moodle on this blog several times, and indeed, last year, made a Three minute Hot Potato in your Moodle video, just to prove how easy they are. Hot Potatoes is free software enabling you to make different types of exercises such as matchup, crossword, gap fill etc, and their big advantage is that when uploaded to the HotPot module in Moodle their scores are recorded in Moodle’s gradebook. In Moodle 1.9 the HotPot module is available as standard, although admin needs to open its eye. In Moodle 2.0, the module will be available as contrib, along with an enhanced module called Quizport/Taskchain which allows you to bring in other activities as well as Hot Potatoes and link them together in a much more sophisticated way.

The man responsible for putting Hot Potatoes into Moodle is Gordon Bateson, who works in Japan, but who is on a visit to Europe this summer.  Gordon had the idea that it would be nice to have a “mini – moot” devoted solely to Hot Potatoes and Quizport/Taskchain.   So here it is! Details below:

  • Hot Potatoes Mini-Moot in Paris, on 23rd August
  • The venue is in Montparnasse  at the Maison de la Salle, Rue De Sèvres. They have rooms for meetings and also basic accommodation which is available the Monday night before and the Tuesday after the event.
  • The site with more information and  to register is here -  why not put your name down and come along and learn from other users, or even volunteer a presentation on how you use Hot Potatoes in your establishment?

I just booked my tickets tonight (on Eurostar) and am looking forward to attending, along with two tag-along children who’ll be sightseeing in Paris while I sit back and watch the show! I am excited about meeting people I have known online for several years – hope to see you there :)

2 thoughts on “Hotpot Mini Moot: Enjoy Hot Potatoes in Paris!

  1. Ivan

    So, moodle 2.0.3 is compatible with hotpot? How can I publish a hotpot activity in moodle? I’m somehow new to the moodle platform.


  2. admin Post author

    You need to download the Hotpot module for Moodle 2 and install it in the mod directory of your Moodle install -then log into your Moodle and go to site admin>notifications to check it has installed correctly -then you should find it if you go to a course and click on “add an activity”. You need to make your hotpotatoes first offline before uploading to Moodle.

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