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Crowdsourcing: Moodle for Kids Language pack

Do you use Moodle with younger children? I mean mainly under 12. Do you find some of the terms unnecessarily confusing? Would you like them permanently changed on your Moodle? It’s quite straightforward for the admin to change selected terms from inside Moodle by going to (in 1.9) Site Administration>Language>Language>Language editing or (in 2.0+) Settings>Site Administration>Language Customisation.  However, just as you can have a whole language pack in Spanish, Chinese or Polish, it’s perfectly possible to have a whole language pack (in English) that automatically includes words more suitable for younger children. A Moodle for Kids language pack if you like. In fact – the Germans have already beaten us to it, as they have a German version already! So let’s create one for ourselves.

So the point of this post is – which terms do you regularly find confuse younger children or annoy their teachers? Which terms would you like to see included in this language pack? Obviously much will remain the same – we might only come up with a handful of alterations – but it’s worth it in convenience and understandability.  Here are a couple I’ve notice –  the first one confuses not only children but also their teachers:

Show Parent in a forum post. It doesn’t really mean show this post to a parent (although maybe it’s not such a bad idea if the rather challenging 9 year old thinks it does!) It simply means show the original post that sparked off this reply. In French they call it “niveau supérieur” or “higher level” so there is no misunderstanding – but a simpler way of explaining thisin English might be helpful.

Add submission in an assignment. It’s what a child clicks on to get to where they type their answer in an online text assignment, an assignment type, in my experience, very popular in primary schools.  Maybe simply “answer”? or “Hand in”?

Do you call your courses courses? Do you call your students students? We’re on summer break here in the UK but come September I’m going to get some children together and gather their opinions. In the meantime – let me know – what would YOU change, for your school?

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