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Moodle and Mahara (in one night!) at Our Lady’s Preston


Last night was Open Evening at Our Lady’s High School Preston where I work. All hands to the deck (as they say) to promote our school in both an academic and pastoral way.  My task for the last three years has been to demonstrate and explain Moodle to the parents of prospective pupils – although technically that job is done by my four volunteer helpers who do a fantastic PR job on Moodle while I just stand by in appreciation. This year I had four year 8 pupils who outlined in a very articulate manner how we use Moodle to the hundreds of visitors who filed into the room. I normally greet children at the door with “Would you like to see our Moodle?” hoping that they will look at me blank and say “What’s that?” – a good way in to the introduction. But over the last few years we’ve done so much work on Moodle with Year 5 and Year 6 from our feeder primary schools that last night I was getting responses like “I already saw it yesterday when you came to our school” or “we’ve got a really good Moodle at our school” which is both encouraging but also takes the wind out of my sails a bit! (second cliché in one blog post) However, my Year 8 gang showed them them the stuff we do at High School -the proper work stuff! – and also how they can be creative on Mahara  (the new word now that has replaced Moodle for the “What’s that?” blank stare)

As always, you have to have freebies to take away so we gave them a colour leaflet about Moodle which you can view here:


Earlier that day, however, the focus had been on Mahara as I attended the first local schools’ Mahara Networking meeting at a school down the road.  The attendee should have been our Assistant Head and Mahara aficionado Mark Greenwood @mgrtec but being SLT he had to stay and get ready for Open Evening so I got to go in his place 🙂  (He did however volunteer us as a host for a future meeting so with luck he will be able to be present at that one! )

The meeting was organised by Lancashire Secondary ICT Consultant Rowena Pryor and hosted by AST (and Geography teacher!) Paul Cairns from Archbishop Temple School. I counted around 15 people, most of whom had not yet started with Mahara and were looking for ideas. Rowena gave a brief introduction to the CLEO Mahara set up;  keen Maharan  Dave Harwood from Hutton Grammar spoke on how they use Mahara for PLTS (that’s Personal Learning and Thinking Skills ) and we heard in her absence about Diane Blakey, another local AST on how she uses student profiles in Mahara  to promote and explain e-safety. The best thing about these “networking” meetings is precisely that: networking – getting in touch with other users, sharing experiences and firing up your inspiration. I’ve already blogged about Our Lady’s use of Mahara here so no need to repeat, but we are looking forward to the next meeing with the new users reporting back on their progress.

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