Moodlefairy goes to Belgium

As it’s half term this week, I went on a Busman’s holiday to Belgium to stay with Moodle Community Manager Helen Foster

She and Koen Roggemans, Moodle translation co-ordinator, have recently finished renovating a beautiful house in the countryside not far from Mechelen. In the morning we talked Moodle and then we got out  of the house for the rest of the day, allowing me to explore the Dutch/Flemish side of Belgium. I had only ever visited the Tervuren area of Brussels previous to this, doing some training at the British School of Brussels,  but as that was entirely in English it didn’t give me much of a flavour of the area.  This was quite  different!

On Wednesday I rode one of their four horses, Femke, a lovely sweet creature who put up gracefully with my lack of experience.

On Thursday we went off to Mechelen, had lunch by the river Dijle and then climbed the 538 steps of the St Rumbold’s Cathedral  tower from where you can see Antwerp on one side and – on a clear day – which it was – Brussels on the other, and more specifically the Atomium.

Add all that to the fantastic typical Belgian meals prepared for me each night with strong and rich Belgian beer and fresh from the pan Belgian fries and you can imagine I was sorry to leave! I brought back with me hand-picked walnuts and chestnuts and -by special request of Famille Moodlefairy- a box of best Belgian chocolates, most of which seem to have “evaporated” already.

Dank u wel Helen & Koen :)

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