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As a teenager I’d spend endless hours reading, listening to and practising French – it was a pleasure not a chore, to such an extent that the learning came about almost by osmosis. As an adult I spend hours reading, writing and responding to people about Moodle – to such an extent that I often can’t tell the difference between my job and my hobby. So what nicer thing  than to be able to combine two passions – Moodle and French and go off to do some training in a French speaking school? Big thanks to NordAnglia for inviting me to go with their main Moodle man Greg Barnes to train some French-speaking Swiss teachers by the shores of Lake Geneva earlier this week. I was initially scared but also excited at doing my usual stuff but in a different language – but five minutes into the first of the three sessions I realised that’s just what it is : the usual stuff but in a different language! It isn’t actually such a great achievement if you think about it –  I think of my school and our Polish children who come to us in Y7 not being able to understand a word and after a few months have picked up the local dialect. I think of my school and our newest MFL teacher who teaches Spanish to English speaking children when she is in fact -er – Swedish.  And then there’s Synergy Learning‘s Alex Buchner (@mcbuchner) who not only does his Moodle training in a different language but writes Moodle 2  Administration books in them too . So there you go – no big deal linguistically  but  a fantastic experience for me nonetheless and one I would really like to repeat – so if you are a non-English speaking French Moodler, please take note!!

somewhere in Switzerland...

I’m aiming to do some French videos and handy Moodle hints in the same way as I have been doing English ones, and to that effect I have started a French Moodle blog  here – and isn’t posterous great by the way?

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