A First look at Rubrics in Moodle 2.2

Rubrics, according to wikipedia, are  an assessment tool for communicating expectations of quality I wasn’t familiar with this term in UK English but maybe that’s just me? I would call them grading or marking criteria and the addition of this feature in Moodle will be a huge boon to those educators who rely on them to make their grading more specific and pertinent. And they are coming in Moodle 2.2 in December !  Credit to Moodle HQ developers Marina Glancy and David Mudrak (send him a postcard :) ) who has documented the new features here ready for Moodle 2.2. You can try rubrics out on the test site here, which I used to make this quick (and very basic) screencast. Thanks David – and looking forward to seeing this new feature.

3 thoughts on “A First look at Rubrics in Moodle 2.2

  1. David Mudrak

    Thanks Mary for this nice cast! Let me just add that the credit should primarily go to HQ developer Marina Glancy. She was actually working on the rubric plugin. I did just some boring technical stuff in the backend :-)

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