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It’s Moodle 2 Coffee Time! (if you’re in Lancs or Cumbria)

Mary at MootAU11 courtesy of Koen RI really like talking to people about Moodle! Last year at my school, Our Lady’s Catholic High School Preston, we held a lovely “coffee afternoon” for local schools where we had “show and tell” about how we’d been using Moodle over the last five years. It left me enthused and if it hadn’t been for the site supervisor locking up, I’d happily have carried on sharing experiences.

In 2012, Lancashire and Cumbria schools are more than likely to have their Moodles upgraded to Moodle 2 and so we thought it would be nice to repeat the informal “coffee afternoon” and invite local schools to come and see what you can do with Moodle 2. Our county advisers will be offering free training nearer the time, so this is just an introduction to the sorts of things you can achieve with the new version – and also, hopefully, I can allay any fears about the upgrade. It’s going to take place in the OurLearning training centre based in the grounds of our school, but although there will be some training involved (we’ll show you how to use Moodle 2) it isn’t a paid for official session; it’s just one of our community events. The full details are here so I won’t repeat them – but I am looking forward to showing people in our local region Moodle 2, and I hope to see you there!

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