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Three things have  got me thinking this weekend: the first, on Friday. A colleague of mine in the OurLearning training centre based in my school said that it was all very well my posting articles and videos about the latest nuances in Moodle 2.2 –  but what about your average Moodler who doesn’t know what version they are on; doesn’t care  how to (for instance) enable Gravatars –  but would simply like some basic ideas for their school Moodle?

The second was yesterday as I did my occasional forray into the stats of this blog. It’s interesting from time to time to see which keywords people are using  in google that bring them  to your site and I noticed over the last three months a big increase in the likes of “primary Moodle” /”Moodle for young kids”/”Moodle for Primary school teachers”/”primary kids Moodle”

And the third was last night. I had an email from a Moodle admin in the US planning on rolling out Moodle to the primary schools in his district. He wanted to know if I would be updating my book Moodle 1.9 for Teaching 7-14 Year Olds for Moodle 2 in time for summer 2012. I’d love to – but I haven’t been asked by Packt, so I don’t know their plans!

So.. the upshot of this is that I’m going “Back to Basics” this week, starting with Primary schools. I go out each week to our feeder primaries and help the teachers there with Moodle and also work with pupils on Moodle courses. In fact. I’m making another primary Moodle course with them before Christmas.  I’ve agreed to put together some simple ideas each day and blog about them on the OurLearning blog. Nothing revolutionary; nothing that hasn’t already been mentioned before (indeed some even by me years ago) but just basic Moodling to get you started and save you time.  Then after that I’ll do the same for Secondary schools and share with you some of the stuff our teachers are doing behind the doors of Our Lady’s Moodle.

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