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Introducing… the Moodleboo!

What’s a Moodleboo? A mini Moodle podcast on Audioboo. It would be fun – and quick! – to record a Moodle suggestion, idea or item of news each day. Well, nearly each day. We’ll do something different on Fridays!  🙂

The inspiration behind Moodleboo was   IdeasMeister Mark Greenwood The motivation came from  two other people. The first was John Mannion, History Teacher and author of History Teaching with Moodle 2 I met John at my first Moodle Moot in 2009 and he said one of the kindest things ever to me: that he had been encouraged to go further with Moodle because of some podcasts I used to do using podbean. I moved away from podbean to this current  WordPress blog when I decided I was more comfortable writing than speaking, but I never forgot his lovely compliment.  Podcasting has moved on apace in the last couple of years and now with the prevalence of smartphones, posting quickly to Audioboo makes it simple for educators to get a message across.

The second inspiration for Moodleboo was Principal Teacher of ICT and Computing at Our Lady’s High School Preston, Alan O’Donohoe. A huge fan of Moodle and Mahara (naturally!) Alan is currently  on a quest to give Computing a major place in the school curriculum. He’s been recording – literally – his journey using Audioboo and you can listen to him here.

I don’t have an iphone or anything androidy, despite my frequent hint-dropping that I’ve no way of testing Moodle for mobiles… However, armed with microphone and the brilliant Audacity, I will either offer some Moodleboos myself or cajole some colleagues and pupils into giving us some Moodle moments.  You will be able to access them from Monday 12th December on Audioboo here or subscribe via RSS here.

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