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Do you like Moodle but it sometimes does your head in? Here is your chance to have your say to the developers on what they should be working on during 2012. Martin Dougiamas has released a quick survey (4 questions only) which you can complete here.

I am about to fill it in for me but it just got me thinking about some of the enhancements I would like to see. To be honest, a lot of them have already happened with Moodle 2. One big hope I have is that the simple forms feature being developed by LUNs will be taken onboard – it makes Moodling a lot more user-friendly to the newcomer. Other than that, and in no particular order, here are some thoughts:

  • Conditional activities available for whole topics AND for blocks. I’ve seen the first requested several times and I think it makes perfect sense. I’d also like the feature extended to blocks.
  • The super feedback/questionnaire/survey module- this was promised but seems to be on the back burner, for understandable reasons in terms of people’s busy lives. Feedback works OK;Questionnaire is better but is a contributed module. It would be nice to have the best of all in one , standard module.
  • Make the gradebook easier to manage. A particular bugbear of Our Lady’s Chief Moodler Mark Greenwood who is always asking me “get your Moodle friends to fix the gradebook!” In the quest to give it more functionality, it has become more complex and daunting.
  • Templates on the online text assignments. The assignment module is being rewritten by the guys at Netspot who have put out a call for suggestions.  This again is something that has been raised on a number of occasions –  if you are a teacher of younger children or if you are a teacher of languages, it is useful to be able to give a scaffold for the students to base their answer around. I know there are workarounds and I know that the student could copy and paste a table you might add in the assignment description – but they are just that: workarounds. It would be helpful to have the option as standard.
  • I shall probably think of more as I publish this post. If I do – I will come back and add them!
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