Sub-page module: Yet ANOTHER way to avoid the Moodle scroll of death

There are lots of blog posts and videos out there about avoiding the scroll of death – a couple of them I am responsible for myself, at least in 1.9 -here and here and in terms of editing courses there is also this here However, this current suggestion makes use of a contributed module from the Open University -the sub-page module available here but only in beta so use at your own risk.  You add it to your Moodle in the mod folder on your server and then when in a course, choose “subpage” from the “add a resource”drop down menu. And then what?  Basically, the module allows you to create pages (sub-pages!) to which you can add activities and resources to avoid cluttering up the main course page. Brilliant. Take a look at the video below:

2 thoughts on “Sub-page module: Yet ANOTHER way to avoid the Moodle scroll of death

  1. Andrew

    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. This is my pet peeve with Moodle. It is just such a poor design tool without sub-pages. I hope our University will implement this…

  2. Bruno

    I would love to implement that, but moodle 2.0.4 it does not even install. Hoping for the stable release

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