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Moodle 2 is just SO much easier than 1.9!

You heard it here! And I heard it from one of the group of teachers/Moodle admins/VLE co-ordinators who came to my school yesterday for a community-driven “Moodle 2 Taster session”  Last year we’d invited people in for a so-called “Coffee afternoon” where we showed them different ways we use Moodle at  Our Lady’s, so this year, because of my work with Moodle 2, it was suggested we show them Moodle 2. Most schools in the Lancashire and Cumbria areas of North West England are still on Moodle 1.9 but hope to move soon. (There is a separate blog post about this and I will be writing an update to it shortly) So we offered three dates for our colleagues to come to a Moodle 2 Show and Tell, and the first one was yesterday.(Not sure, but  I think we’re booked up now actually for the others.)

I did a little presentation about all the new and different features -I was very conscious that I could have used up the full three hours and still not covered everything, so I tried to be concise! Then we gave them a log in to a Moodle 2 to see how it operates from the student point of view, in particular with Conditional Activities. Finally came the fun part: each visitor had their own course and time to explore and experiment. I had gone through the issues of file management and lack of course files, but while some teachers looked for workarounds such as sharing hidden folders or getting used to Personal files, others felt the option to use @davosmith’s drag and drop file upload more than compensated for this loss in routine. And that despite the fact that it won’t -and probably never will -work on Internet Explorer!

So what went down well with a bunch of newbies to Moodle 2? What did they comment positively on? Number 1 was unanimous; the others are in no particular order:

  • the drag and drop block (not standard in 2.2 but we thought they’d be interested)
  • the ticks in Activity completion and how it enables students to track their own progress
  • Conditional Activities and the Control it gives to those many teachers who, although they understand the principle of  social constructivism, just want to be in charge!
  • the extra options offered by the new themes that all come as standard – especially the ability easily to make your own drop down/fly out menus
  • being able to show descriptions on the main course page (that one is well up in my top 5 too actually)
  • the sneaky way your messages pop up – we had quite a few going around the class – and the added ways of  managing messaging.

Privately between you and me, I had been slightly anxious about their reactions. After all, much of it both looks and acts differently. I was relieved, especially when I got the comment that forms the title of this post.

What’s next?  In our group, one pair had come from a BSF school and were locked down with Moodle 1.9 for the forseeable future; they left consoling each other.  Two others from different schools in Cumbria had decided to go it alone and had just recently got Moodle 2 installed; they left keen to enthuse their colleagues. As for the rest of us, well, we await news from our suppliers BT OneConnect about Moodle 2.  Although we run VLE training courses from the Our Learning centre, I’d expect our County Advisors will be doing free training for the schools when the time comes. But let’s hope that time comes soon – we have one bunch of Moodlers keen to go to 2 🙂

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  1. Thought you might like to know that Internet explorer is likely to start supporting drag and drop of files in version 10. I’m told that it already works with ie10 beta though I don’t know if this is tested with moodle or not.


    Comment: Andrew Nicols – 08. February 2012 @ 10:01 pm

  2. You might like to know that the drag and drop upload block does actually work in Moodle 1.9 as well (although, if you’re not careful, it can fill up your server with lots of files, due to them not getting deleted when you delete the file resource). Not that I’m planning on maintaining the 1.9 version any more (except for any vital bug fixes).

    Moodle 2.3 (currently in dev) also has drag and drop upload onto forms, which I really miss when I drop back down to Moodle 2.2.

    Comment: Davo – 08. February 2012 @ 10:23 pm

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