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Reporting an issue in the Moodle tracker

Despite having been involved in Moodle for a number of years now, there have still been areas where I have Feared To Tread: Advanced Gradebook being one (but that’s probably more because of the Maths than the Moodle) the Moodle documentation and, most recently, the Moodle tracker. I conquered the fear of the “docs” by having a go and sure enough it got easier- and I am relatively courageous now. The Moodle tracker gave me similar shivers because I didn’t  find it obvious how  to use it and I was afraid I would do it wrong. But again,  it’s simply a question of diving in…

I saw that Helen Foster has been working on documentation about the Moodle tracker here so I was prompted to make a couple of basic screencasts for tracker newbies. Anyone can report an issue if you find one. Here’s how:

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  1. Fab video, thanks a lot moodlefairy! I especially liked the bit “don’t worry if you’re not sure – put what you think – it can always be altered later” 🙂

    Comment: Helen Foster – 11. March 2012 @ 9:01 pm

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