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Moodlefairy goes to Oklahoma #mootok12

My overriding impressions of the Oklahoma Moodle Moot 2012 were that of the hospitality and generosity of the people, the refreshing number of new (teacher) Moodlers present and the practical, community driven sessions without any big commercial agenda. However, if you were to ask my family for their overriding impressions, based on my detailed daily emails home, they would most certainly say the Food! Indeed, culinary delights played a big part in my experience of Oklahoma, beginning with my first Sunday morning breakfast there , a huge Cajun omelette prepared by Moot organiser Matt Campbell who told me of his passion for cooking within minutes of picking me up from Will Rogers International airport (which apparently only does domestic flights…)

The Sunday before the pre-moot was an ideal opportunity for me to enjoy some sun and hot weather, having come from a cold rainy English summer. I sat out on the front porch of Matt’s beautiful Victorian style house in blissful relaxation – well – until it dawned on me that the creek running through their front lawn meant mosquitos were around, at which point I beat a hasty retreat! No worries though because by that time Moodle community manager Helen Foster and Remote Learner’s Chief Evangelist Michelle Moore arrived for lunch, (a roast ham followed by  blueberry dessert). Helen stayed at Matt’s house with me and we three had a fair number of Moodle discussions over the four days we had together.

Monday was the pre-Moot and my first encounter with the very impressive Metrotech complex. I was running one of the basic beginners sessions, aided by the very helpful Randa Pirrong. It was lovely to have many teachers in the group; unusual for me as my previous experience of Moodle moots is that (a) there are very few regular high school teachers who can afford the time or money to attend (b) most delegates already have a reasonable knowledge of Moodle. So I was in my element here 🙂 Helen was helping Michelle with the Advanced session and we met up for lunch  where I thought I’d have a drink of apple juice, only to discover it was cold (well, iced) tea! I had  lived in the USA 30 years ago but had forgotten that strange quirk! But I got to like it and by the end of the moot was cheerfully  opting for cold tea with no milk quite deliberately.

Monday night we had gumbo -hot,  meaty and so good! – followed by Banana pudding -sweet and more-ish. We enjoyed the company of Matt’s wife Jess while being entertained my his 16 month old granddaughter Sophie.

Tuesday brought the “What’s new in Moodle 2.3” keynote by Martin, greeted with enthusisam by all in the  main hall. And food-wise I discovered a great idea – tacos shaped like a bowl! You get to eat your meat and you can eat the bowl as you go along! Check them out in this picture!

It was nice to meet and watch presentations by two people I had only ever met online before: AT Wyatt and Diana Dell, who joined us and a good number of other presenters at Matt’s house that evening for pizza, salad and wonderful blueberry and raspberry pancakes.

Wednesday was Helen’s keynote where she gave delegates an insight into the community sites of Moodle – from the tracker to the docs to the main sites to the demo sites  -encouraging all present to contribute  in any way they felt they could.

Wednesday also gave me the opportunity to watch a really insightful session by Michelle Moore on My Moodle course: An experiment in social constructionism and to see  in real life Helen’s Useful things a teacher can do with roles What a shame the Moot came to an end after lunch on Wednesday  – we made sure to say au revoir and not goodbye. I for one will do everything I can to try to get back there next year for the friendliness and food combined!

However, Moot over, it wasn’t entirely the end for me as I had a fascinating trip around the National Cowboy and Western Heritage museum and on Thursday morning on my way to the airport Matt treated me to a visit to Bedlam Barbecue where I had genuinely the tenderest barbecued turkey ever! Just as well as I wasn’t sure when or what my next meal would be, with an 11 hour journey back to the northern Uk territories.

Thanks Matt and thanks to all the MootOK12 attendees; it was delightful (and delicious!)

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