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“You know you’re a Moodler when…”

I was reminded today of a rather old but amusing and telling page on Moodle docs called “You might be a Moodler if…” The clock on the wall of our staffroom has been rather unreliable for a couple of weeks now and is currently running about ten minutes behind the correct time – causing confusion when lessons are due to begin. Of course in the manner of many, we keep looking at it and complaining but nobody actually does anything about it. In a quiet moment to myself this morning I actually thought  “Oh- I must report that on the tracker” And then realised – we don’t have a tracker. And -we’re not Moodle.

Interesting how when we are heavily involved in online communities that we often think of them first in a time of need, be that real need or simply need to communicate. (What’s the first thing you want to do when Twitter is down? Announce it on Twitter)

The You Might be  Moodler if list makes entertaining reading, occasionally rather too close to the truth if you are  a Moodle-obsessive. Do you make up words like Moodlerific/Moodlerised? Have you ever (like one particular developer) spent ages googling without success only to find you weren’t searching Google but were searching within Moodle? I was particularly taken by the reference to having many several browser windows open, most of which are Moodle sites.I use tabs -on my bookmarks  bar in Chrome, I have  ten tabs, eight of which are various Moodle links ,including, fair enough, my own school.( The other two are my school email and Twitter, if you were wondering!) And as for referring to the colour of something as “Moodle orange“, I spent ages trying to find a “Moodle orange” dress for the Oklahoma Moodle Moot, only to end up with three of them. (Well, you have to be sure, don’t you?) And what about: “if you find yourself logging into during your summer holiday instead of admiring the view or going to the beach”? Been there; done that; got the sand on the laptop!

Do add others to the list if you have any good ones. I was tempted to add “You might be a Moodler if… you can reel off the exact differences between minor releases” But then I thought ..if my children were ever to read that….

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