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The “log in as” feature in Moodle – a new local plugin

A Moodle administrator is able to “log in as” other users to see the site from their point of view; a useful feature although fraught with privacy issues. When you are done being logged in as someone, you are automatically logged out (for security reasons) and then need to log in again – but you are sent to the same page so it’s not too onerous a task. Itamar Tzadok- who seriously is one of the coolest developers I have never met and one of the most helpful Moodlers – has created a local plugin for Moodle that lets admins select specific users to “log in as” very quickly from a list in their admin settings. If you often log in as a particular person – or if you yourself, as admin, have more than one account with different permissions, this basic plugin allows you easily to log in as somebody else. You can also get to course users quickly and log in as one of those when inside a course. The plugin can be downloaded from here: and below is a short screencast demonstrating what it can do. I personally found it easy to install and straightforward to operate although I did lose a few minutes because I didn’t read the instructions ( I NEVER read instructions!) and tried to add usernames instead of user ids (their numbers) to the box in the settings when choosing my designated “log in as ” users. If I had any improvement to suggest I would like to be able to add usernames because often you know those, whereas you have to go and search ids. But since I don’t know coding and have no idea how difficult that might be, I am not going to complain about such a trivial thing 🙂 EDIT: I’ve just heard that Itamar has added this functionality now, so you can add via usernames too – that’s great!)

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