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If you aren’t in the UK you may not be aware of the Big Push these last twelve months towards teaching school children programming skills rather than just simply getting them to learn to edit Word documents and create Powerpoint presentations. To that end, many educators have been not only been evangelising the cause but also collaborating to create resources for students and courses for teachers new to this type of lesson delivery.

Amongst the currently most popular flavours are  Python and Scratch, accompanied by a little bit of Raspberry Pi. (Other options are available!) Indeed at Our Lady’s High Preston, our own Head of IT and Computing  Alan O’Donohoe is not only (to quote my daughter) “talking the talk” but also “walking the walk” by spending much of his free time encouraging others along the way and a proportion of his work time training teachers  in the necessary computing skills.

So what’s my angle? I think it would be great if we could have freely available and up to date Moodle resources on these and other popular programming  languages. Moodle has its own Community Hub, a site where anyone can upload and download courses to share with the world.

We also have the Mount Orange Moodle School demo site where you can log in  as a editing teacher  to see how courses in different subjects work -and if you like them – download them for your own school. On there at the moment there is just one course in Basic  Scratch, donated by Mark Clarkson I’d love it if we had more! It did occur to me briefly to learn Python and make one myself, but I think I have enough to do already 🙂  There must be some Moodle-using teachers out there  who have created some useful materials for their own classes. Are you that teacher? Would you like to share with the world at large and help inspire tomorrow’s programmers?  It would be good to hear from you!

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