Restrict access based on Moodle user profile fields

Since Moodle 2.0 we’ve been able to restrict access to activities (and now whole topic sections) according to certain conditions, such as grades met or previous activities completed. In Moodle 2.4 it will be possible also to restrict access according to user profile fields. Fields can be obligatory or optional; they can be locked (so users can’t change them) and they can be custom – in other words, an administrator can create  a new user profile field specifically tailored to that particular organisation. Being able to restrict access based on user profile fields offers a lot of possiblities: you could restrict access to users with a particular email, or from a particular city, or who have a certain role in the organisation which has been created as a custom profile field. You can restrict access negatively too – for example giving access to those who do NOT have “United Kingdom” as their country. Below is a short screencast showing how it might be used as part of a New Staff Induction course.

One thought on “Restrict access based on Moodle user profile fields

  1. Dave Perry

    Will this work at a course level, for example if you have a Staff page could you set that to be only users with ID Number of ‘Staff’ can see it? As moodle doesn’t always correctly guess if a user is staff or student for using the ‘only staff can see this page’ setting.

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