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Record audio and video directly on Moodle course page

Recording audio and video directly on a Moodle course page has long been a desired feature and has been enabled in various ways during the history of Moodle. The most well known option is probably Nanogong which allows teachers and students to record themselves and add their offerings to a Moodle course. In 1.9 we had the advantage of the Nanongong assignment module which I documented here -but there have been issues with Nanogong and a Moodle 2 version was a long time coming. There is also the online audio editor using Flash . I’m highlighting below a module with a difference: Media Capture is a repository -that means when your Moodle admin adds it, it appears as a repository in the filepicker (named how you like) but you can actually select it, record straight on the page, display your recording and save it in the repository for use elsewhere. How the audio/video recorders are presented does depend on what your admin has installed, and I direct you to the installation documentation Readme here What really sold it to me is the ease with which you can use it – teacher or student. I made a very quick screencast below. Apologies for the quality – my regular video editor, Serif Movie Plus, crashed on me with a Windows run time error so I reverted to an old version of MovieMaker. Not as clear but it didn’t let me down. I am doing a workshop for Languages teachers using Moodle in the New Year, so anything that enables our students to practise their speaking skills has to be a  big boon 🙂

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