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What I miss about Moodle 2

Some irony here: I wrote the first ever book on Moodle 2 and I helped Helen update for Moodle 2 – in fact, every version since 2.0, with 2.4 documentation ready for take off shortly. At the same time as this, my school, because of political issues in Lancashire and Cumbria is still on Moodle 1.9 .

It doesn’t matter to our staff, who don’t know any different, but I have been spending the last few days creating a course for our primary children (9 – 10 year olds) on Digital Literacy which I will be working through with them and their teachers over the next two years until they join us in High School.
It’s been a while since I made a brand new course on 1.9 and -apart from having to remind myself each time where “stuff is” – a minor issue – I have found it rather frustrating not having certain features I now expect and don’t even think about when working on Moodle 2. Here are a few examples of what I wish I had:

  • the ability quickly to duplicate an activity. I am repeating a lot of stuff with minor changes and I have to do this manually each time.
  • being able to display the description of an activity  under its name. If I want this, I am having to make labels.
  • Being able to drag and drop files in. I’m not making a document repository, trust me! But I am adding in some games and other fun stuff I think the pupils will enjoy and I am having to  upload them the “old way”.
  • Updating my stuff outside of Moodle and having it update inside of Moodle. If I want to change a file I have to upload it a second time -and change its name so Moodle recognises the changes straight away. I could save a file in Box, upload it to Moodle with an alias, edit it back in Box and have those changes automatically recognised without having to go back to my course. In 1.9, that is in my dreams…
  • Adding comments. I like to use the comments block and the  comments option selectively on activities in courses. With primary school children it encourages them to give their opinions and is a way to get them reflecting on how to voice a thought that’s more than just a “this is cool”” phrase.  But they can’t easily comment in 1.9 unless we use a forum.
  • Being able to edit Moodle in Chrome. We have Internet Explorer 9 at school as default; that’s fine for Moodle 1.9 except I tend to use Chrome as my preferred browser. You can have an IE tab add on which works fairly well (although not perfectly, I’ve noticed) but that is not an option in school. Moodle 2 and Chrome go together very well.

If I hadn’t experienced Moodle 2, I would probably be very content just soldiering on with 1.9. But once you’ve met Moodle 2 – you can never forget the memory 🙂

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  1. You mentioned, “Updating my stuff outside of Moodle and having it update inside of Moodle…”
    If you were to compose your documents in Google Drive (formerly Docs), you could set privileges to allow those with the link to view your file. That way, students would immediately see changes you made to the resource.
    Just a thought…

    Comment: J. Radney – 26. October 2012 @ 9:52 pm

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