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If you’ve been following recent episodes in the saga of North West schools moving to Moodle 2 (or not) you’ll know I’m saddened that while I spend my days bigging up the newest versions of Moodle, my own school is stuck on Moodle 1.9.  But there’s hope!  The school is  investigating buying Moodle and Mahara outside our county provision. But it will cost. And it will cost twice over, because we already have to pay for the old Moodle. And while it’s a very reasonable pricing, it’s an annual figure  that a PTA bring and buy cake sale just isn’t going to fund. This is where OurLearning comes in…

Attached to the school is a dedicated, self-contained training centre.  We’ve been running courses there for the past four years, mainly Maths and Computing. We’re not a major commercial enterprise out to make our Head a millionaire; on the contrary, we’re talking registered charity, 100% of whose proceeds go back into the school to provide equipment for pupils and staff. In 2013 I will be going back to my MFL teacher roots and running three   courses for languages teachers – more details on my MFL courses here.

Our current Maestro  is our Head of ICT, Alan O’Donohoe@teknoteacher whose Teach Computing courses have paid, amongst other stuff, for ipads for our Special Needs department and ipod touches which staff are using in varied and imaginative ways in class.

Our Head of Mathematics Mary Tuson, ex-Secondary Maths consultant and National Expert Subject Leader has been getting fantastic feedback with her Maths TA, non-specialist and Maths NQT courses. I have known Mary since 1987  (that’s 2 years less than I’ve known @teknoteacher for) and if anyone can persuade me to appreciate Maths, she can! We have a Governors’ meeting this week and Mary will be talking about her consultancy work which again supports the whole school, not just the Maths department. And we’ll also be discussing Moodle 2.  So if you’ve  need for Languages,  Computing or Maths training, look to OurLearning and not only will you benefit, but you’ll be indirectly helping 1000+ pupils and staff  get the Moodle experience you’ve probably had yourself for years!

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