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Happy 5th Birthday to Moodlefairy’s Moodleblog

It was five years ago today, Boxing Day 2007, that I began this Moodleblog. The first post was actually just a test post and the first “true” post was on the 28th, a review of Wm Rice’s Moodle Teaching Techniques. This was the first Moodle book I had every come across and I recall writing that it was “up to date, as it deals with Moodle 1.9, which we don’t yet have at my school”. (Regular readers will realise the irony of that comment, 5 years on, but I digress.) I began the blog initially as a way of publicising the work we did with Moodle at my school, Our Lady’s Preston but also to publicise the courses we were running. Unfortunately, so innocent was I that I had no understanding of the allowed use of the word “Moodle” and soon fell foul of the Trademark police. So I modified the blog simply to highlight my own experiences of using Moodle. I was a late comer in many ways, only meeting Moodle in 2006.  In December 2007 ,  I had never written any books (the first offer came to me in July 2008), never been to any Moodle Moots (the first was in April 2009) and never met either Martin (April 2009 ) or Helen (October 2009) Indeed, I hadn’t even posted under my own name on the Moodle forums where I now live (that began in  April 2008).

The blog has morphed somewhat over the years; as I moved away from teaching full time to Moodling Most of the time, I began to write less about ways of using Moodle and more about new features in new versions of Moodle. I started doing screencasts in 2008 as a spin off to my hobby of making videos (yes I have another hobby apart from Moodle!) and realised I really enjoyed presenting information in that way – so I did more!  As I got into writing Moodle books, I also got into reviewing them – often even before I was asked! I *think* I have reviewed every Packt Moodle book so far; some with greater pleasure than others, although I always try to be kind as I appreciate the hours of effort that goes into crafting a book. I trust that  people  can read between the lines for books which have not over impressed me; where I have given high praise for a book, it’s because I really mean it.

In 2011 I had the fantastic opportunity to go to #mootau11 and visit both Sydney and Moodle HQ in Perth – an experience I rated as “the best in my life” until my daughter pointed out what an insult that was to her and her brother!!  Moodleblog spawned a foster child for that time, in the guise of MoodlefairygoestoOz. And in autumn 2011 I got to do some training in French – combine my two passions – French and Moodle – and not only began another blog Moodlefairyenfrancais but also was lucky enough to be asked to join in creating a whole series of French Moodle videos – mine are here and the whole series is here. In 2012, I added another Hat to my collection, a Moodle HQ hat, as clarified in this blog post

So what next for Well -more of the same, I hope! I hope to start blogging about the new features of Moodle 2.5 , to blog about the Moodle Moots I am able to attend, to blog about interesting ways to use Moodle – and – despite the blog’s name -to blog more about Mahara too. Although this is my personal blog (disclaimer etc etc) I hope also to continue blogging about my school’s Moodle future and its training courses at OurLearning and about my Moodle work  in particular the Documentation and the School demo site.  Thankyou for reading this and Happy New Year.

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