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I’m painting my kitchen Moodle Orange

Well, to be accurate – Mr Moodlefairy is painting my kitchen; I can’t be trusted not to drip the paint. It’s already a sunshine yellow as you can see from the image, so it’s not too big a step to “Moodle orange” (if he agrees!) but the significance goes far deeper than a mere colour change. I work from my kitchen – my laptop is on my kitchen table and I perch on a stool, perusing the forums of, adding to the documentation, commenting on tracker issues, writing, screencasting, blogging and tweeting.

Moodling in my kithcen

Next month, after nearly 28 years at Our Lady’s High School Preston, I’m moving to Moodle. Still from my kitchen that, is, but I’ll be around much more in the day time without hourly bells dictating my contributions. The reasons are complex and private;  however, it is my deep wish that I’ll be able to continue my work both with  our ten linked primary schools and also at  the thriving OurLearning training centre, not to mention assisting our teachers in their imminent move to Moodle 2. Moodle hours are flexible hours, so I’ll be more available than ever to take on other Moodle-related opportunities, training or consultations.  Although I don’t plan to go quite as far as one colleague suggested “You could work all night for Moodle and talk to HQ in Perth in real time, and then you could work all day training or teaching in UK time -it’s ideal!”

I’m looking forward to attending Moodle Moots without the  need to  ask permission or take time off without pay  – so if you’re having, one, I’d love to come!  During the Easter holidays my kitchen’s having a revamp;  a new look for a new start. So  when the teachers and students go back after Easter, I will be at home in my kitchen,  literally Moodling in Orange. See you then.

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  1. Good luck in your new venture, looking forward to lots more of your helpful videos.


    Comment: Shirley Crawford – 16. February 2013 @ 9:24 pm

  2. Good Luck Mary! Look forward to seeing even more of you, your videos and your support on the forums than we already do.

    Comment: Richard – 01. March 2013 @ 7:20 pm

  3. Congratulations Mary – without doubt its the right move and one that will hugely benefit us all (so selfless :O))

    Very envious of all those overseas MoodleMoot visits you will be making

    All the very best


    Comment: Gideon Williams – 11. April 2013 @ 3:46 pm

  4. Thanks Gideon 🙂 As for the overseas visit, I suspect a fair few will take me less time to get to than Preston to Southampton !!!

    Comment: admin – 11. April 2013 @ 4:49 pm

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