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Moodlefairy Goes to Dublin Mootie13

This was my fifth Moodle Moot, and the best one yet. And yes, I know I say that every time, but I  mean it! The venue was the same as in 2012, Dublin, Crowne Plaza Hotel, with a different venue for the gala dinner –  Clontarf Castle Hotel. Google it -it’s a stunning place and I could easily understand why Gavin chose to take us all there  -on three double decker buses (oh yes!) The organisation was perfect, and huge congratulations to Gavin Henrick,  Learning Technology Services and co  who do far too good a job in that we are wanting them to do this every year, for ever 🙂

This is NOT how teachers are meant to teach !

My Moot began on the Monday with an all day workshop. I’d have liked to have attended Michelle Moore’s Teaching with Moodle workshop but sadly I was otherwise occupied with Course Assessment in Moodle. Although it ran all day, it was in two parts and delegates were free to come and go ; the two parts were not necessarily connected. Although in my case, you stood a better chance of winning Celebrity Flat Share if you attended both!  I found a lovely post about the workshop from Carol Hampton here and she’s saved me explaining it, so go and read her blog! Enormous thanks to Becky Barrington who was a great help during the day, not least for ensuring my radio mike was switched off and on at appropriate times, and thanks to Tim Hunt for advice on Moodle’s quiz which we covered in the afternoon session. I’ve been asked to consider putting the Celebrity Flatshare course on MOOCH so I will take a look this week and see if it can be tweaked to make it suitable. I will explain more about its structure if and when I do, in another blog post. Thanks to Ben Reynolds for the photo( and for looking as if he was paying attention all day)

Andrew N, Helen and Tim calculating how many bottles fit one one table

Andrew N, Helen and Tim calculating how many bottles fit one one table

This year’s Moot was different for me in a couple of ways: first, because it was the first one since 2009 where “moodler” himself,  Martin Dougiamas, was present, and his presence always brings a buzz to the proceedings. It became immediately apparent how in demand he is – everyone but everyone wants to meet him, talk to him, suggest ideas to him, have their photo taken with him. He must not have a minute to spare but he takes it all in good humour. It was also my first Moot as (soon to be) full time Moodle HQ member and it felt really, really good!  There was no keynote as such, although Martin did a presentation on Wednesday which was as much pedagogy as new features and I felt that led to very fruitful discussions. There were more panels this time – a (new to me) “fishbowl” experience and one of the most nerve wracking things I have ever done: Pecha Kucha! I admire all those who were brave enough to  come out and talk  over 20 slides at 20 seconds each; it is an excellent discipline however,  but needs lots of preparation.

In the “time off ” sessions I was very grateful to Andrew Nicols for taking me up to “Level 2” in Git – moving me from “git pull” to “git fetch_head”.  (Don’t ask!) It was nice to meet another remote Moodle worker (remote as in, not in Perth) – David Mudrak.

David M and Koen R talking translation

David M and Koen R talking translation

In terms of presentations, I enjoyed once more the fact that they were short and, for the most part, kept to time, and you could move between different types and learn from others’ experiences. For me the best ones are always those showing real life examples and so I did appreciate community based presentations on Mahara and Moodle  by Dan Jeffries and Mark Glynn respectively. There were so many good presentations and so many kind people that I don’t want to offend anyone by forgetting to mention them. So I shall stop here, and sorry!

Although I left on Wednesday night, the techie people – the developers –  held their own mini-hackfest on Thursday and it was streamed live on youtube via a Google Hangout, so we could all still join in the Moodle fun despite being miles away. A brilliant idea. I watched and listened all about Bootstrap from the comfort of my kitchen. Although come to think of it, the Crowne Plaza hotel was far more comfortable than my kitchen..

Apparently next year is (quote) “north of Hadrians’ wall”. Looking forward to it already! And now – packing my bags for Munich, #mootde13…

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