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Some OTHER cool things about Moodle 2.5

Moodle 2.5 will be with us in a few weeks and there are several really cool features that have got people excited. The top three are probably:

  • Integration with Mozilla Open Badges (see Gideon Williams’ detailed screencasts here) So I’m not going to mention this!
  • adding a new, Twitter-based theme called Bootstrap to a standard Moodle, allowing for really clear and mobile friendly display. So I’m not going to mention this either!
  • pretty much killing off the infamous “scroll of death” by having unnecessary settings displayed in a collapsed form on the page. You expand them if you need them;ignore them if you don’t. (I was lucky enough to demo an early incarnation of this a couple of years ago for LUNS -see this old screencast. So I shan’t mention this either!)

Instead, I will focus on some less trumpeted but (to my mind) equally cool new features. In no particular order, they are:

    The ability to add a template to an essay answer in Moodle’s quiz.

    How often have people requested that in a text assignment the teacher could provide some sort of scaffold for student answers? Well that scaffold has now arrived in the form of a reponse template for essay questions in Moodle’s quiz. When adding the question, a teacher can create the basics of a response as this screenshot shows:

    Seeing a word count in forum posts

    Previously we’ve been able to have word counts for assignments typed directly into Moodle’s text editor. Now if you select the “standard forum in blog-like format” you can opt to have a word count displayed in the posts:

    Dragging and dropping media directly onto a course page

    Something I highlighted in its very early days in a screencast here. It is possible also to drag and drop text onto your course page and turn it into a label or page. Cool or what?

    Progress indicator as you drag and drop into the file manager

    And connected to this  – when you drag and drop files you can now follow your progress with a progress bar that actually – follows your progress 🙂

    Display folder contents on the page

    This one’s not going to do much for the “scroll of death” but it is a popular new feature, whereby folders can be displayed (if you wish) directly on the course page instead of clicking to open them in a new window. And you can have sub-folder contents displayed too if you wish:
    There’s more! Keep an eye on the regularly updated list of features and fixes on the Moodle 2.5 Release notes page and watch out for new documentation coming soon…
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