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Moodlefairy goes to Mountain Moot 2013 (Montana)

The Mountain  Moodle Moot site describes the location in Helena, Montana as great with mountains all around, a ski resort 25 minutes away and very nicely located in the center of the state with about a 4 hour drive to either the Majestic Glacier National Park, or the steaming plateau of Yellowstone National Park. And it certainly was! Once I had got over the weariness of three plane flights over 18 hours, it was a delight to be in such a beautiful establishment as Carroll College, to experiment new beers in microbreweries with -interestingly presented! - new foods. (If you ever go there, do try the bread guts and camel spit!)

Wednesday July 10th was the pre-moot training session day and I ran a workshop on the Moodle lesson. Participants tried out some sample lessons as students (which I will upload to imminently – including one on the new features of Moodle 2.5 which might be handy!) and then were tasked with putting back together the story of Jack and the Beanstalk (with alternative endings) to turn it into a Lesson.In the second half of the session, they each created a lesson of their own choice and then went round trying out and evaluating each other’s efforts. I enjoyed being back in teacher/trainer mode again and I hope they got something out of it.

I also met on that first day Floyd Saner, organiser of the Mid West Moot and Di von Briesen, hugely big and hugely entertaining – and our calmest kindest Moodler, Plugins facilator Anthony Borrrow. I have now successfully trained myself to say Anthony with a TH!!

with Anthony Borrow, Moodle plugins facilitator

The Moot itself took place on the Thursday and the Friday. I presented on Mount Orange, the Moodle School demo and on the history of Moodle, in  a presentation called “Once upon a time in the outback”. I also enjoyed talking with AT Wyatt, whom I met the previous year in Oklahoma, getting to know my room mate in my “dorm”, Heather Valli, and catching up over dinner with the Remote Learner team.

My overriding impression of this Moot is the friendliness of the people and the informality of it. It was a small(ish) , non-commercial Moot and  was super well organised (well done Justine and thanks to Ryan for the kettle!) and went very smoothly. Great surroundings, great Moodling, great food both in the college and the local hostelries and great weather. I had been looking forward to SUN for months, having had a summer of rain in the UK, only to discover ironically that I left the UK at the start of a heatwave!!

The end of the Moot for me brought with it a new adventure: organiser Dan Case and his wife took me to Glacier National Park for the weekend which was absolutely stunning and -er – so big! It was like the entrance to the Lake District and the Alps combined, but bigger and going on for hours and hours… We stayed at the Many Glacier hotel with the most fantastic view over lake and mountains that  I have ever experienced – I got to see bears (from a distance) marmots, chipmunks, mountain goats, huge tall cedarwood trees and hiked through snow in my sandals at 34 degrees Centigrade!

Click to see larger size.

Thank you Dan for being such an excellent host and thanks to all who attended the Mountain Moot: Moodling at its friendliest. (Oh and #moooodlecow enjoyed it too!) I have some photos on Picasa here. It’s my first time using an online photo album and photography is not my forte so apologies for its disorganised appearance, but I hope it gives a flavour.