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Moodlefairy goes to the Mediterranean Moodle Moot #medmoot13

The Mediterranean Moodle Moot 2013 took place in Sousse, Tunisia on the 2nd and 3rd of October and was organised by Mediatouch 2000, a  Moodle partner for almost ten years  and in fact the first in Europe. For me it was a double-value experience: not only another opportunity to connect with Moodlers and hear their stories but also a first visit to Africa. Well, only just Africa. When we got off the plane and in the taxi for the two hour drive to Sousse, my impressions were of Arab architecture, handsome olive-skinned men, women in veils… and the French supermarket giant Monoprix. This is a land where French and Arabic live side by side, where our driver was listening to music in a language I have no understanding of, while we went past a sign “La poste tunisienne” and headed for the Motorway “Péage”. And in my luxurious hotel room, I found the TV tuned to Al Jazeera while the brochure for the Marine Spa (the top class beauty treatment venue) was all in French. The two languages blended at the Moot too, with Zoubeir Turki starting proceedings in French, followed by @moodler himself Martin Dougiamas in English. Shut away in a booth at the end of the conference room were the simultaneous interpreters, whose work intrigued me, particularly as I very nearly went down that road 30 years ago when I  graduated.

So this was a Moot de luxe! The venue, food and organisation were superb – the moment we stepped into the arrivals lounge at Tunis airport to the moment we stepped out of the hotel to take our shutttle back, everything was arranged for us. And although the rather fluid timing of the sessions was somewhat difficult to get used to for northern Europeans used to prompt starts, the presentations and workshops were all worth waiting for – though, as usual with several strands, you always want to see more than one at the same time! I liked the fact that in the morning everyone was together for sequences of four short presentations. These  are easy to digest and force the presenter to be succinct. I like this format.

I was part of the Thursday morning session where Helen Foster gave us a concise and pertinent “rough guide to the Moodle community sites” Michael De Raadt explained “How Moodle gets from HQ to you” and Janvier  Nkurunziza talked about Moodle in Africa. I recounted the history of Moodle – in French – partly because I thought it would bring a language balance to the HQ presentations, and partly because I thought it would be nice to acknowledge one of the two official languages of Tunisia – and I don’t speak any Arabic!

Amongt the other sessions I attended and enjoyed were Enabling one to one computing with laptops using Moodle by Moodle translation co-ordinator Koen Roggemans, Gamification by Gavin Henrick, a student’s perspective  by Anna Krassa, the Moodle journey of Riverina Institute by George Holt and a lovely beginners’ Moodle workshop which I sat in on to experience from the other side. On Thursday afternoon Martin, Helen and I were part of a panel session discussing the recent Learn Moodle MOOC, the planning behind it, its future and the concept of MOOCS in general. I missed Workshop developer David Mudrak‘s sessions on web services and localisations but  I didn’t miss his mischievous sense of humour because it joyfully pervaded the whole Moot 🙂

Huge thanks to  Andrea Bicciolo and his team. What was great was that the Moot was followed, on Friday and Saturday by the equally successful and highly fascinating Moodle Research Conference. But that’s the next blog post…

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  1. Your blog post paints a picture of insightful moments to both those who were present at the conference(and never knew they were being blogged about:-) and those wo were absent.
    Well done

    Comment: Janvier Nkurunziza – 07. October 2013 @ 11:24 pm

  2. Dear All

    I was a great pleaser to be your host.

    Thank you very much that you have found your way to beautiful Tunisia, to Sousse and our Hotel !

    I congratulate you’r organizing comity and the Mövenpick Meeting and Event’s Team for undertaking all necessary that this congress became a success.

    Kind regards & hope to see you soon again

    Peter J. Schönenberger
    General Manager

    Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse
    Boulevard du 14 Janvier 2011
    P. O. Box 114
    4039 Sousse

    Phone: +216 73202000
    Mobile: +216 26 444105

    Mobile: +49 174 2465458

    Skype: peter-schonenberger

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    Addresses only. If you are not the addressee, your use of this information is strictly prohibited. If you have
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    Comment: Peter J. Schönenberger – 08. October 2013 @ 12:37 pm

  3. Peter: I would be very happy to come back to your hotel; it was excellent.

    Comment: admin – 08. October 2013 @ 3:15 pm

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