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Coming soon in Moodle 2.6…

It’s that time of the year again! That time, every six months, when a  new improved version of Moodle is getting ready to come out. Testing the new features will start next week; documentation will be brought up to date  next week too, and for those on the technical side there’s aGeneral developer meeting on Tuesday at 13.00 UTC. For those not particularly on the technical side, here are a  few new features in Moodle 2.6 (out on the 13th November) A comprehensive list of new features is in the Moodle 2.6 Release notes

Cooler TinyMCE text editor:

The TinyMCE text editor has had a makeover. It now has  new icons and is expandable. You  now see it first with one line, with an icon allowing you to toggle between one and three lines. (It’s all about saving space on smaller screens) Click the image below to see the toolbars and icon designs.

New single activity course format

Ever made a course with only one activity? If your single activity was a SCORM pack, you could use the SCORM course format, but what if it was just one quiz, or one assignment? What a waste of space, all those unnecessary sections! Now the principle of the SCORM course format has been applied to any single activity and there is a new ‘single activity course format’  (New to a standard Moodle; it’s been available for a while as a contributed course format) So don’t worry if you don’t see SCORM as a course format any more; use the new format instead.

Marking workflow and allocated markers

More enhancements to the Assignment module: you will be able to specify markers for individual students such that they appear on the grading screen, and it will be possible to specify where exactly markers are up to in their marking – from not marked, to marking in progress, to being reviewed by a colleague, to ready to go (not those exact words!) A great bonus: the grades will only be made visible to students once you have selected to release them – very useful for institutions which  have a moderating system where grades are checked by more than one colleague. Click the image below to see more details.

Scribble over students’ work!

For teachers who miss the ability to scrawl in red (or in my old school’s case, green) over a student’s work, or simply to easily annotate on their original, the very popular edit pdf assignment plugin has been added to standard Moodle. This means that when students upload a pdf as an assignment submission, you will be able to comment on it inline – including adding custom stamps and frequently used comments. Magic!

Bulk create courses

I blogged about this a while ago-the ability to bulk create courses via cvs–  for administrators who have to create a number of courses each year or term, this will be a very useful feature.

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