Moodle MFL Street View Mystery

I like, when I can, to go to Modern Languages-specific ‘Teachmeets’, known on twitter with the hashtag #mflsat. Here is a presentation I have done on webquests in Moodle, inspired by Vicent Everett, Head of Languages at Northgate High Dereham. He invented some Google Street View Mysteries (great fun!) for Year  and Year 9 French (ages 12-14) and I took one of them, based in the Normandy commune of Blaru, and adapted it for use in Moodle. The presentation is below. If you would like the original, paper based and classroom-based versions of this and other Street View Mysteries by Vincent, you can get them from his blog here: You can try the Moodle version on the Mount Orange School Moodle demo site here (log in as a student to see and do the activities) and you can  also download the course to use on your own Moodle.

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