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This year one of my targets is to highlight the free Moodle courses which are available on , the Moodle community hub, and to encourage more people to offer their own courses there either as downloadable or enrollable options. Each week or so I will blog about one of the courses on which you can use in your own Moodle, or which you might like to join. (I’m currently working my way through a fantastic one which I hope to blog about soon!)

The courses on cover a range of educational establishments and languages, from elementary/primary to university level and from commercial enterprises to charities. Wherever possible it’s good to have a link to view the course if it is downloadable (so you can try before you don’t have to buy!)

The Moodle School demonstration site, Mount Orange, has a number of courses at secondary level you can both view as a guest and then add to  your own Moodle. The key thing to remember is that you don’t have to use a course “as is”. You can adapt it – take out the bits you don’t like – add in  your own elements; use it as a starting framework for something you are planning yourself.

Last week I went into my old school, Our Lady’s High School Preston, where I worked for 28  years. The Religious Education department has been rated Outstanding (indeed, so has the school) and I suggested they might like to publish one of their courses – so they did. This term Year 9 (that is, 13-14 Year olds) are doing a module on “Pilgrimage” which involves asking the big questions about life as a journey, what is important to them and why. They look at why people of different religions (or indeed, no religions) go on pilgrimages and what they get from it. The course includes discussion forums, assignments, reading materials based on what is taught in class and of course, badges.

St Helier Pilgrimage

St Helier Piligrimage (public domain)

There is a course demo  on the Mount Orange Moodle and you can download the course from But it’s a great example of how you can adapt courses to your own needs. As it’s a Catholic school, the teachers include a case study of St Bernadette of Lourdes. Not a Catholic? Tweak the case study activities to suit a different person. Don’t have Religious Studies in your school? Take the Life’s Journey concept and use it in your Pastoral/Social classes.  What’s on your bucket list?

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