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Recently I have been blogging about the courses available on Moodle’s Community hub, known as (And if you have a good course which you could share, either for download or enrolling in, then please do!)

However, is also a place for finding and exchanging individual items of course content, as well as whole courses. By this I don’t mean your own Powerpoints™ worksheets or other materials: feel free to include them in a course and publish your course as a whole.  Rather, I mean Moodle-specific content.  Glossaries are a good example. When you (and/or your students) build a glossary, you can “export” it as an XML file. This is a simple data file that allows other people to “import” the glossary entries into their own Moodle course -providing you with a ready-made glossary! The  Course contents database has some of these glossary files freely available for you either to use in a course, if the subject is relevant to you, or even to use when demonstrating the advantages of glossaries to new Moodlers. However, we’d really love  more good glossary entry files- so please consider uploading yours if you have a useful glossary.

 Glossary import/export

Likewise, it’s possible to re-use quiz questions others have created by adding them to the Question bank in your Moodle course and then including them in a quiz. Try out the question import feature by using one of the quizzes in the Course contents database and then why not upload  and share a good quiz you’ve made? (While there are a number of question formats, it’s best again to use XML as with the glossary.)

Question bank

The database activity module has many uses but isn’t instantly user-friendly to set up. If you want to try a ready-made database “preset” then amongst those available are the ones used on for Moodle-related Jobs and news – Moodle buzz Alternatively, if you’re a big  database fan then feel free to add your presets with or without entries.

Perhaps your flavour of Moodle includes SCORM packages or IMS LTI sites? There’s room for those too!

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