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The history of Moodle … mojitos

If you weren’t already aware, the “official” Moodle Moot drink is the mojito. At the German Moodle Moot in Leipzig last week I did a presentation on the history of Moodle and  Moodle Quiz maintainer Tim Hunt came to me afterwards and suggested it might be a nice human interest touch to include the mojito story. He had a vague idea it originated with Martin Langhoff in Spain a few years back, so I asked him.

In 2005 the Spanish Moodle Moot was held in Las Palmas de  Gran Canaria and a few people began drinking mojitos and one merry evening decided to name it unofficially the official Moodle Moot drink. I can’t locate much in the way of photographic or video evidence of that, but here is possibly one of the first ever:

image thanks to Nacho Ruiz de Erenchun

By following year in Tarragona the practice had established itself so well that (according to Martin L) an advance order of mint had been made at the bar to cater for all the mojito requests. One Moodler, Rafa Barrachina, went back to his boss and claimed for 22 mojitos. Forum thread in Spanish here if you want to see if he got his expenses!

Mojito bill

image thanks to Rafa Barrachina

By 2007 in  Cáceres  we have photos of mojito-drinking Moodlers popping up everywhere:


image thanks to Fermi Cueva

Barcelona in 2008 saw “mojitos in a big jar” captured by Martin Dougiamas who even titled the photos “the official Moodle Moot drink” So that kind of settles it then..

I was a very late starter with mojitos – my first encounter was when I went to Perth  HQ in 2011. Here’s a one minute demo:

My most recent encounter was at a farewell dinner for  Moodle developer Andrew Nicols before he swapped hemispheres to become a Moodle HQ developer down under.

image thanks to Andrew Nicols (and my son Chris!)

What about you?

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