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Mystère à Hyères : a Moodle Google Street View Mystery

A couple of years ago I was inspired by Vincent Everett of Northate High Dereham UK  who had devised some ingenious web quests , or better said, Google Street View mysteries suitable for secondary level pupils studying French.  Based on some landmarks and people randomly photographed by Google’s camera van, he made up whole stories with activities for Y8//Y9 pupils (13-14 year olds) So impressed  was I that I moodle-ized one of them and you can read about it here

But – disaster! I heard from Vincent that the Google  van has uncaringly gone back to France and filmed over his mystery spots, deleting all the clues! They can no longer be used, and the one I made for Moodle, set in the sleepy Normandy commune of Blaru is similarly redundant. What to do?

Cue my daughter Estelle, an imaginative Teaching Assistant with some time on her hands during half term. And happy memories of family holidays in the Mediterranean resort of Hyères:


Using Vincent’s originals as a guide, she has devised a totally new (and rather dark!) mystery suitable for Year 9 and which can be used either as a class exercise if you download the relevant documents here in  MS Word format, or as a self-directing Moodle course which makes strict use of conditional activities to hide the clues until students have completed previous tasks. (There’s even a badge)

Try the mystery out as a student by logging in to Mystère à Hyères with the username student and password moodle. (This is our School demonstration site, wiped clean every hour on the hour. Sometimes others might  be using it at the same time as you so if it’s behaving strangely, just try again later)

UPDATE 2020: Sadly, StreetView has updated their photos and the mystery is out of date unless you can go back in time to 2014 – in which case, enjoy!

Any native French speakers who’d like to improve on the interviews, feel free to send them to me and I will replace my own attempts. And  be warned: it’s not for the feint-hearted (or stomached!)

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