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I love my job. But it’s very bad for my health. That is to say, a job which involves sitting hunched over a  computer for between 5 and 7 hours a day (and then sitting hunched over a laptop in my evening free time) is hardly conducive to keeping fit and flexible. And I know you are meant to take a break every hour and stretch your limbs – but I get so engrossed, I keep forgetting…

In order to ofset this, I’ve been going to Tai Chi once a week and exercise classes twice a week with Impact Training @impactptpreston but I still felt there was more I could do. Then last year I saw an item on BBC – The Big Standing Up Experiment suggesting standing while you work can have major health benefits. This, coupled with the discovery that one Moodle Partner provides standing desks for its employees, and that some HQ colleagues also moodle standing up, inspired me to go in search of a better way of working.  While it’s possible to make your own standing desk for a few pounds with materials from Ikea, I wanted something that would allow me to choose whether I wanted to work standing up or sitting; I wanted the option to alternate. Google Sitting Standing desks and you will find no end of expensive products. My ideal desk was unfortunately not only way out of my price bracket ,but also too wide for the tiny alcove I have in my front room. Enter Project Ergo UK who offer a range of ‘Kangaroo’ adjustable desktops, one of which they agreed to customise to fit my needs – and it does – perfectly! So now I can work standing up for a couple of hours…

(Actually, according to this image of the correct posture from, I haven’t quite got the positioning right yet – but I’m still learning; it’s only been a week! )  I probably need a mat too. Already though,  I find I love working standing up: I can fidget in a way I never did when I was sitting, immobile for hours, and I’ve also discovered I can walk around the room during online meetings (as long as the webcam’s not on) and nobody minds 🙂

Then, after a couple of hours, I can sit down…

It takes literally seconds to move the monitor and work surface from standing to sitting position. If it took any longer than a few seconds, I know I wouldn’t bother doing it, and it would be a waste of money, but it’s just a simple matter of turning a knob, pushing down (or up) and tightening again. And it fits perfectly into my tiny workspace.

While standing to work is better than sitting, and while alternating between standing and sitting is better than just doing the one or the other, I do realise I now need to set myself an alert every hour to eject myself from the computer completely. That’s my next plan. But at least now I know that by standing, I am moving in the right direction 🙂

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  1. Inspirational blog post, Mary. Thank you! And IMHO it is even better standing barefoot stimulating the pressure points in your feet. Good luck!

    Comment: Linda – 22. June 2014 @ 5:33 pm

  2. If you are not self-disciplined enough to take a proper break every hour, then try Workrave The health-and-safety folks at work put me on to it, and it is a very nice minimal utility. Not only is it open source, but the icon is a nice sheep. What could be better?

    Comment: Tim Hunt – 22. June 2014 @ 10:31 pm

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